A Hidden Gem

Since moving to Stockholm… we tried to explore as much as we could. This meant finding quirky places to eat and drinks and hunting down the hidden gems. When it came to exploring our own neighbourhood – that was fairly easy. It didn’t take us very long to discover a lovely local bar within a short walking distance of our new little flat. Piren is a gorgeous restaurant/bar set in a beautiful waterfront location. This isn’t somewhere you’ll stumble across if you’re staying in the city centre… it is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city and if you don’t know your way around, you’ll be better to get a taxi here. But if you happen to be in the neighbourhood… it’s well worth a visit for at least a drink or two! Especially at dusk.


As soon as I saw this place in the distance, I thought – WOW! What is that! Look at all of those pretty lights, we have to go there! As we walked further down the edge of the pier, following the lights, we began to realise it was a bar/restaurant. It was a ‘School Night’, so we had already eaten at home earlier, which was a shame because we loved the look of the menu… but couldn’t resist going inside for a drink or two – so in we went!


My boyfriend, Jordan and I sat right at the back of the restaurant in the bar area which is set on a spacious decking looking over the beautiful sea – here you’ll sit on nice chairs under warm heaters and thick blankets…  with a drink of your choice, of course! We tucked into a nice bottle of white wine just after a beautiful sun set. At Piren, the atmosphere was lovely, the location is beautiful, the service is great, and the wine is divine!

Unfortunately we didn’t get chance to eat here, but we plan to in the near future! So watch this space!  http://piren-bar.se


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