Favourite iPhone Accessory

When I was 18, I started working at Office (shoes). I basically just needed a job. I didn’t care where I worked, but working in retail would be a bonus. I was a ‘handbag girl‘ before I even started picking out my own outfits. I never really minded what my Mum dressed me in – as long as my handbag matched. And because I was so obsessed with handbags… shoes often took a back seat. Until I started working at Office.

I was quickly converted to shoes. I found myself wanting to buy the pair of boots I was trying to sell to the woman who was trying them on. Before I knew it, I was re-arranging my wardrobe to fit in the excessive amount of shoes I had bought/collected during my time working there. I know what you’re thinking… what does this have to do with iPhone accessories?

Well, when I was applying for jobs in Stockholm, I came across Sudio. A Swedish company who design and sell earphones. Before working here… I primarily used the Apple earphones that came with my phone… and I occasionally borrowed my boyfriends Beats – I absolutely loved music, but was never too bothered about the earphones I was using. Similar to the shoe situation – when I discovered Sudio, it was love at first sight.

Since using my Sudio Vasa Bla earphones… which are wireless with an 8+ hour battery life. I have found it insanely difficult to use my Apple ones. My Apple earphones are uncomfortable and they fall out all the time. Im not going to lie… I used to question why people spent so much money on earphones, but now I totally get it.


These beautiful earphones are the perfect fit for the iPhone 7. And having compared them to my boyfriends pair, I honestly think my Sudio pair are better than Beats.

First of all, having no wires is an absolute dream. They make a great companion at the gym and they’re also great for commuting or using at work.

Secondly, LOOK HOW PRETTY!!! The Scandinavian design easily make these some of the most beautiful earphones I have ever laid my eyes on. The leather pouch and rose gold clip also come in very handy.

And third, the most important part, the sound. I know people are often curious about how good the sound could actually be when there isn’t a wire involved. However, the sound is impeccable. You can hear every single instrument and they fit so comfortably inside your ears (and come with 4 different sized ear buds to fit all) that you cant even feel that they’re there. The earphones are super light… when you’re listening to pod casts or YouTube videos, it actually sounds like the person you’re listening to is in the room with you.


Extra info you’ll want to know… the Vasa Bla earphone range is about 10 meters. But I think it could be further. I can leave my phone in the kitchen, walk through my living room and into the bathroom and I still don’t lose connection. It’s great. And I love them.

If you want to get your hands on a pair… take 15% OFF with LIVW15. You can thank me later.

Liv xo

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