The Diplomat

Its Sunday. We usually try to make an effort to stick to our English roots and cook a traditional Sunday Roast Dinner on a Sunday afternoon. However – after a long week and lots of late nights… we really couldn’t be bothered this Sunday. So we headed to the only place we knew that did a good Sunday roast. And oh my was it good!


Roast beef, potatoes, carrots and parsnip. It was absolutely delightful. Accompanied with a glass of wine or two of course. For dessert we shared a gorgeous sticky toffee pudding – literally the best one I have ever had. The service, food and atmosphere got a solid 10/10 from me and if the prices weren’t so steep we’d be back next weekend!

We headed to the Restaurant & Cafe which is located a couple of blocks down from The Diplomat for a night cap. Jordan had a Dark and Stormy – something with Rum and Ginger Beer which he loved and literally downed (much to my dismay seeing as it cost like £15) and I had a Bellini. While we we’re there we booked in for Valentines weekend… one of our last weekends in Stockholm… which should mark the end of our chapter here.


By the way… these cocktails we’re delicious. So if you’re ever in Stockholm – I highly recommend you pop in for a couple!!





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  1. Chloe Sunderland says:

    Looks like such a lovely place, I really want to visit Stockholm! Looking forward to your next posts! xx


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