Chapter 2

Lets talk.

The last month or so has been quite challenging. Jordan and I were faced to make a difficult decision – one I had no interest in making to be honest. Jordan’s contract at his job was looming and job hunting in Stockholm wasn’t going the way we had hoped. (It usually takes about 3 months from applying to securing a job here).

We need to remember that we live in a City which only 1 million people live in… they cant build upwards (because the buildings are protected) and they can’t build outwards (because of the water). So there is a severe shortage of apartments with 10+ year waiting lists and getting a job is almost just as difficult.


When I applied for my job at Sudio I feel I was very lucky. One of those ‘right place at the right time’ things. We were moving there, I was looking for a job, they were looking for someone to do their U.K Marketing – it was all meant to be.

I don’t think I can stress enough how much I love my job. I love the company and everything they stand for. I love the work environment. I love the people I work with and my work/home life balance is great. I really really love what I do and I can only hope and pray that I love my next job just as much as this one… because we had to make the difficult/impossible decision to move back to the U.K – therefore I had to hand my notice in (which was actually one of the top 10 hardest things I have ever had to do)… and we are currently setting plans into place to move back to England at the end of this month.

I know what you’re probably thinking. ‘There must be a way you could have stayed’. But trust me, if there was a logical or sensible way to stay in Stockholm another year or so… we would be doing it. I went through all the possible options (I would be typing all day if I went through them all) but all arrows pointed back to the U.K. Jordan and I are a team… we should do what is best for both of us. I am happy with the decision we have made. I’m excited for the future and I’m even more excited for the adventure that awaits us at our next destination.


I have felt sad about leaving this beautiful City and leaving my dreamy job… and reflecting on all the positive things that have come from the experience of living and working here is overwhelming. Jordan and I moved in together for the first time… in a different country. Now, I’m not about to give you a flat tour… but we live in a studio flat which is approximately 28sq meters big. I’ll let you work that one out for yourselves. I have worked with people from all corners of the globe and I feel like I learn so much every day from my co-workers who are also living in a foreign country. Im not just learning about different cultures, but so much more! My outlook in life is much different now, and I also feel much more open minded. I feel like my priorities are a little different now too. And living in a slightly different time zone/1000 miles away really puts things into perspective regarding friendships back home.

Speaking of friends – Stockholm seriously delivered. Never in a million years did I think I would meet such genuine, caring and beautiful people, inside and out. They have really enhanced my time here and being absolute rocks through the bumps in the road. We are already planning our first reunion!


So what next? What may 2017 bring? First of all… we’ll milk the last 4 weeks of being in Stockholm. That means plenty of restaurant hopping, exploring, shopping and clubbing… alongside working hard of course. Then we will pack up our life into lots of suitcases, sell our furniture and move home to Yorkshire. We’re going on holiday while we have some time off – because we can – and we will aim to secure jobs, find a flat and move to London. We quite like the City life at the moment… so London seems like the best choice for us right now. Thats our almighty plan!

Somebody asked me if I thought I had ‘failed’ because we weren’t staying in Stockholm as long as we had hoped. What an awful thing to say. Failed? Failed what though? I’m still unsure how this made me feel. I wish I had asked more questions about what they meant by that strange question. But I will admit that it stopped me from telling people about what was happening in our life and about our plans. I didn’t want other people to think the same thing. When I spoke to a friend about it I realised the person who asked the question was incredibly short sighted and quite closed-minded… then my friend said to me, “They sound like the type of person who would close the book. But you’re the type of person who would turn the page and start the new chapter.” 

Thats exactly what this is for us. It’s chapter 2.





  1. Nichola Martin says:

    I loved reading your words Liv, it’s always nice to read some thing positive. I think the world failure used by who ever it was says a lot about that person rather than you and Jordan. Glass half full and all that. What an experience you have both had and how we have gained from your experience is amazing. Trips to Stockholm which probably would never of been a choice of ours, what a beautiful city and memories. Onwards and upwards, together you can achieve anything.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Liv

    I don’t think I have ever replied to a blog post, but just found your blog by accident and read your news that you’re headed back to the UK. You sound so grown up and so professional and you have had some amazing experiences in the time since you’ve graduated so well done! May be see you before you head back or pop by to tell us about your experience. I’m sure you’ll be moving onwards and upwards to great things!

    Take car


    • Hi Charlie!

      Thanks for replying! Haha thank you very much! 🙂 Yes we have absolutely loved every moment of being here – I would love to catch up whilst I’m back! I will email you and we can arrange something!

      Liv x


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