So at the weekend Jordan and I flew back to the U.K … I booked these flights before Christmas with plans to spend the weekend in Manchester for one of my best friends birthdays. Emily was turning 21… so it was an event not to be missed!

Having caught up with friends and family on the Friday evening… I got up bright and early on Saturday, ready for a day full of birthday antics for Emily’s.

I actually vlogged the whole weekend… watch it here.


First, we headed to The Alchemist for an afternoon of cocktail making. We paid £35 per head and we had a total of about 5 cocktails each, food and plenty of shots. We were there for 4 hours (it really didn’t feel that long) and laughed our heads off whilst trying to make and taste lots of different cocktails. Our host was very friendly and didn’t rush anything. I thought it was really great value for money and I would recommend it to anybody! We were a party of 9 which was a really good number – not much waiting time between 1 cocktail and the next. (I have done cocktail making at a different bar before and we were in and out within 1 hour and we didn’t all get to actually take part and make them). We could have probably stayed longer if we wanted to – but we had to get back to the apartment to get ready for dinner.


Myself and the Birthday girl!



Emily had booked a fab apartment for us to stay over night in Manchester City centre which was gorgeous and slept all 8 of us. We headed over there and had a quick outfit change, topped up our make-up and got ready for the evening ahead. We took a few pictures and had some champagne whilst Emily opened her present we bought her, then we headed to one of the best restaurants I have been to in quite a while!


Ready to go out out!

We were booked into The Menagerie for 7:30. All I can say about this restaurant is WOW. It has only been open about 6 months and seems like a real hot-spot for 20-somethings and celebrities. The Menagerie ticks all the boxes when it comes to food, service, atmosphere, style and even entertainment. We all really enjoyed it and I didn’t think it was too pricey either. I would highly recommend this restaurant for anybody looking to eat somewhere with a fresh feel to it – Manchester was missing a place like this. I used to say Tattu was my favourite restaurant in Manchester but The Menagerie is a very close contender. There is something on the menu for everybody and I will certainly be going back!





At about 10:30pm we left The Menagerie and headed to Revolution where Emily had booked a table for us all. I made an error and wore a brand new pair of heels so I was forever grateful to be able to sit down. It was also a much more social vibe which I loved. In Revolution we enjoyed lots of champagne, vodka and shots, shots and more shots alongside good music and great company. I always have such a good laugh with the girls. We had an absolutely fantastic day and night and it was well worth the trip back home.


Happy 21st Birthday Emily! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Love you millions!

Like I said above, I vlogged the entire weekend.. you can find it on my Vimeo channel here. 🙂


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