Saturday Shenanigans

Hi everybody! Happy Sunday!

This week my blog hit 2000 views! Wowza – Thank you all for reading 🙂

So our two week countdown to moving back to the U.K has begun. I can’t even express how much I feel this has crept up on us. In two weeks time we would have said our goodbyes, fully packed up our flat and we’ll be ready to go. However, we still haven’t sold any of our things, got our affairs in order with the banks or even booked our flights. So we have a lot to do within the next 14 days. However… I’m determined not to let it stress me out. All of the above (apart from the selling our stuff part) can be easily done. So i’m determined to make the most of our last 2 weeks here.

Yesterday was our last proper Saturday here where it would be just the two of us. So after lunch, Jordan and I headed into the City to do some shopping. When you head into Stockholm in the day time it’s soooo pretty. I always forget how picturesque it is. I work pretty central but between my walk from the tube station to work I don’t see much of the City. Also the days are quite short at the moment, so we have been walking to and from work in the dark for the past few months. So it was really nice to get out and explore in raw day light – something we haven’t seen for a while haha. If you wonder how we cope without the sun without becoming depressed/insane – the answer is Vitamin D tablets.


Casual tube station selfie

A couple of weeks ago we made a reservation in a restaurant we popped into for some cocktails. We were booked in for 8:15pm and we were really looking forward to it! We decided to class this as our ‘last big night out’ together before we leave. Although Im sure we will do more eating out before we leave – it will be on a lower budget.


So we started our evening with a gorgeous bottle of prosecco that we bought in Manchester airport on our way back to Stockholm last week. Apparently this bottle isn’t in stores/supermarkets yet and is only available in Duty Free but my oh my it was good! I wish we had bought more than the one bottle. I will certainly be looking out for it when we return. It cost about £10.

You can pick up a bottle of prosecco in Stockholm for 80-100kr (£8-£10) at the cheapest… so we didn’t save any money buying in the airport. However we did know it tasted good after having 4 shot glasses each worth of samples. And that was enough for us!


Dress from Missguided

After finishing our bottle… we jumped on the tube and headed to the restaurant. When we got there, Jordan tucked into his ‘dark and stormy’ cocktail (his current fave) and I ordered a peach bellini.

The food was gorgeous… and so was the bottle of prosecco we ordered once we finished our cocktails. We shared a platter of cold meats to start… then for our mains I had a small chicken and Jordan tucked into a huge burger. The restaurant was actually French – and the menu was full of prestigious options that Jordan and I really weren’t interested in after all the alcohol and just wanted some ‘dirty food’. Maybe we would have been better off in TGI’s haha… not quite the same vibe though.

The atmosphere in there was really good. And you don’t have to eat in there – it’s a great bar if you just want to get a cocktail with friends. Luckily we were sat in a different section to the bar so it wasn’t too loud. I sometimes wonder if Jordan is partially deaf because he literally cannot hear anything if there is a loud-ish background noise. If you know him and you’re ever speaking to him in a loud bar/nightclub and he is just nodding away… just know for future reference that he cannot hear a word you’re saying – he is just being polite and nodding along.


We had a gorgeous evening in this gorgeous City. Toasting to an amazing 6 months full of first times. First time Jordan moved out. The first time we lived together. Our first real full time jobs. The first time we lived in a different country. The first time our emergency contacts aren’t our parents. And the first time we’re fully financially independent.

We have learned a lot about each other and a lot about ourselves – this entire experience has been amazing and I wouldn’t change any of it for the world.


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  1. Loving your posts!! Xo


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