Weekend Thoughts

Last weekend was our final ‘proper’ weekend in Stockholm – not forever obviously – just for now. When I say ‘proper’ I mean a weekend where we can actually chill out and hang out with each other and our friends without having to worry about packing/cleaning/tidying the apartment ready for our flight back to the U.K on the 27th.

I must admit that the whole ‘moving back’ thing hasn’t hit me yet. It is now Wednesday and I honestly don’t feel like we’ll be leaving in a matter of days – despite the fact we have both packed 2 suitcases each already and started selling our things.


Side note; I can’t stop thinking about how strange it’s going to be, moving back in with my parents after living with my boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family obviously. But once you’ve moved out… going back to a different routine isn’t easy.

The Weeknd

Last weekend was the best. On Friday I left work a little early and met Jordan back at the apartment to get ready to go and see The Weeknd in concert. I was so excited that we got to go and see someone in concert here – it really really made it feel even more like we were at home. When I got back to the apartment… Jordan walked in with a brand new Dyson vac, an Espresso machine and an Iron (not any iron, one of those big ones that sits on its own steamer – v posh). It turned out they had a huge lottery draw at work and THIS is what Jordan won. The Dyson and Iron both have U.K sockets so they’re coming back with us and we’ll take those wherever we go next… but we’re giving the Espresso machine away. I hope they all fit in the suitcase – packing skills are about to be challenged!

So I actually forgot how many good songs The Weeknd had! He was absolutely amazing! He didn’t have a fancy set or any backing dancers – he didn’t need them. He reminded me of one of those artists who literally needs a stage and a microphone – he didn’t need anything else. He was that good. I would highly recommend seeing him in concert. He sounded amazing and I’m still singing his songs 5 days later. Huge thanks to Jordan for the tickets, he bought them for my birthday.

Saturday Night Antics

On Saturday night we both had plans to go out with our friends. Jordan went to his friends house for pre-drinks and me and my friends pre-drank at our apartment. We both had such a good time. We went to Cafe Opera – a really cool club in the City where the drinks cost more than the earphones I sell at work. Pretty standard Stockholm prices though… wont be missing those!

My friend Matilda made me the most amazing book full of photos of my time here with her and the rest of my friends. It was such a thoughtful present – something I will keep for the rest of my life. I can’t believe these people I have known less than 6 months have made such a huge impact on my life. They have opened my eyes SO much. I have friends all over the world now… Sweden, USA, Australia, Canada, France… the list goes on. I finally understand what people mean when they go travelling when they say they’ve made friends for life. Who knew that people from all corners of the globe could click like this? Not me. I used to think it was a load of rubbish. How small minded of me.

Weekend Thoughts

I know this is difficult for some people to understand… but moving away from home wasn’t hard because I knew we would eventually go back. Whether it was 6 months or 6 years, we would go back at some point. Of course I miss everybody at home, but I am in daily contact with those closest to me. They have been in my life a very long time and moving away from home was never going to effect that. I mean, it’s home. Our family and friends live there… so no matter where we live in the world, we will always go back.

The difference is that the chances of coming back to Stockholm for longer than a week or so are slim. I know we’ll visit… but the life we have here isn’t something we can return to. Our apartment will be lived in by someone else, our Swedish bank accounts will be closed and some of the friends we made here might not be here anymore.

The thing about this entire experience is that it has been 500 times better than I could ever have imagined. I didn’t have any expectations at all. What was the likeliness that I would absolutely love it here? Everything is sweet. I love my job, I made great friends and living with Jordan is the best – even if we do live in a 28sqft studio apartment.

No Luxuries Necessary

Another thing I learned about myself is that I don’t need luxuries. (I can see/hear some of you rolling your eyes and laughing). However, it is true. Im not talking about material luxuries… I’m talking about general living luxuries.
I have a shocking one for you: Jordan and I have lived without an oven or a freezer for the last 6 months. Oh and we also both slept in a single bed. Who actually cares though? Because we didn’t. (Only when we craved a frozen pizza). People would visit and gawk at our bed ‘HOW THE F^#K DO YOU BOTH SLEEP IN THAT?!” Or I’d get “How on earth do you live without an oven?!” It’s called adjusting my friend 🙂
When we first moved in we made a few personal touches to our apartment make it feel more homely. However, we quickly learned that we don’t need fancy ‘stuff’ to enhance our appearances – certainly not bothered about expensive interiors (we live in the land of IKEA)… our friends don’t care how fancy our apartment is. They like us. Not the things we have or where we are living.
The life experience we’ve gained here is completely invaluable and has been totally eye opening to both myself and Jordan. We both feel like we have grown and learned so much about ourselves and each other in such a short time… I can’t even explain it. Coming here was one of the best decisions we ever made and I don’t have any regrets.

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  1. Sophie Hardy says:

    I love reading this blog, what an amazing experience you’ve had!


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