Work Appreciation Post

Today marks my last day working at this amazing company – Sudio.
I’m going to take you all back to the moment I found this job advertisement.
I was sat on a sun lounger in Santorini. Our hotel was situated at the top of Thira and had the most incredible views – views I will never forget. I had been applying for jobs in Stockholm… but hadn’t yet had any luck. I was expecting my degree results a couple of days later, so I wasn’t panicking about not having any bites just yet. However… we were 3 days into our holiday and I was casually browsing through the LinkedIn Jobs app when I came across a U.K Marketing Associate job in Stockholm. I hadn’t heard of the company (Sudio) before… but after reading the requirements and doing my research on the company (All I had to see was a photograph of those beautiful earphones) … I jumped out of my sun lounger and ran up to my room. I knew this job was perfect for me. I wanted it so badly.
I hadn’t taken my laptop with me on holiday, but luckily Jordan had his. I logged into my emails to retrieve my CV and began to type my cover letter. I don’t think I looked at the jobs app again after that. I had a nice feeling inside.
A couple of days later we received our degree results. Picture Jordan and I sat around the pool… same beautiful view. But today the atmosphere was a little different. It involved constant refreshing of the University website… even though we had SIX more hours to wait before ours were released. A friend of mine managed to get hers early (must have been a glitch in the system)… so I gave her both of our log-in details and she managed to get ours as well. We both got Firsts. We were absolutely ecstatic.
A couple of hours later… we were in the car and I received an email… from Sudio, asking me if I would like to have a Skype interview. Talk about the best day ever?! It really was the best day ever.
Fast forward 1 Skype interview, 3 more holidays, 1 trip to Stockholm and a face-to-face interview… and they offered me the job. I couldn’t believe my luck.
Since the day I started working at Sudio… I absolutely loved it. I started at a very exciting time too because the company was growing quickly and we were about to move to a new office. Sudio makes a lot of effort to socialise with their staff. We had plenty of ‘after works’, and also FIKA (coffee & cake) together a couple of times each week. We also had breakfast meetings and team lunches. Working at Sudio didn’t feel like work. It felt like fun. Never did I feel like I couldn’t be bothered getting out of bed to go to work. Even when the mornings were dark, cold and gloomy… I walked to work feeling happy and looked forward to my day ahead. I made a hand full of really good friends who I was lucky enough to work with every day… and as our teams grew… so did our friendships.


Fast forward six months and it’s time for a bit of reflection. They have been a total blast. I have really loved every moment of working at Sudio. I learned a lot, developed new skills, made great contacts and gained friends for life. I love this company and everything they stand for. I will be following their growth and success closely for a long time to come.



  1. So lovely, after reading your blog posts I feel like I have been on this journey with you! xo


  2. Nichola Martin says:

    What a couple, nice to hear people living life.


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