Sorry I have been a bit quiet. I have been totally rushed off my feet since landing back in the U.K last week. We were catching up with family and friends, attending interviews, it was Jordan’s birthday AND we had a holiday to prep for!

It’s our third day in sunny Tenerife. I didn’t realise how much I needed some downtime until I actually got here. To give you all a little bit of a catch up… I thought I would let you in on a what’s going on in my head.


    Before we left Stockholm, Jordan and I actually thought we had made a slight error booking this holiday (around the time of applying for jobs and missing interview opportunities) and we even talked about selling the holiday – but I’m SO pleased we didn’t. It’s giving us a chance to take a break, take a few steps back and reflect. And after all… we work hard. We deserve this!



    I know what you’re thinking. Yes I am aware what Stockholm Syndrome actually means. If you head to ACNE in Ostermalm… it used to be a Bank. Thats where Stockholm Syndrome first started (some robbers held the staff hostage). Maybe Google it for the full story.
    More to the point: Jordan and I still talk daily about the things we miss about Stockholm – just keeping the memories alive. On a brighter note (for me), I watch Jordan pull a face each time he drinks coffee now. I’m not a huge coffee lover, but apparently nothing is a patch on the Swedish. I’m also still guilty of following Sudio’s activity from a far. Who can blame me though? Launching Sudio in the U.K is and always will be my baby. I can’t help it.
    We are already planning our Summer trip over to visit our friends. Don’t think you could get rid of us that easily!!



    We’re staying at Gran Melia (most of you might know this as Sensatori, Tenerife). The hotel is gorgeous and the weather is beautiful – I might do a full review of the hotel on my return. Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in knowing more about in the comments box below.



  4. HEALTH            

    Ok, so there is a high chance I’m allergic to wheat… and I’ve been in denial since I was 14 years old. I regularly get large food baby’s (she’s called Gabby) and yesterday I paid a special amount of attention to what I was eating. Having not eaten for over 6 hours… I headed to dinner and after eating just ONE BREAD ROLL, Gabby unwelcomely appeared within about 10 minutes. She was so big that I had to move my belt on TWO holes. Apart from a bit of discomfort and looking like I’m 6 months pregnant – Gabby doesn’t really bother me. Which is why I’ve never been tested before. However, Jordan is now insisting I see a doctor once I’m home. I must admit, I don’t enjoy the thought of giving up Dominos. Is anybody else celiac? How do you cope with it? Got any tips for me?




    I’ve been toying with the vlogging idea since last October. (For those who aren’t sure, Vlogging is just like Blogging but in video format – so primarily based on YouTube.) I have uploaded quite a few videos onto Vimeo in the past (because they allow you to use music with Royalties)… however, I think it’s time to step it up. Il be vlogging about Fashion, Travel and Lifestyle, so watch this space for my YouTube channel!
















If you have any comments, tips or any questions then please leave them in the comment box below! In the meantime… i’ll get back to enjoying the sunshine!




  1. Frank Whitworth says:



  2. Sophie Hardy says:

    Very jealous of you on holiday! Fab blog!!


  3. Sophie Bolton says:

    I love the idea of putting your vlogs on YouTube!
    Have a fabulous holiday


  4. Emily says:

    Love reading your blogs! Such a fab read. As you know I can’t have gluten and it sucks but once you get used to it it becomes normal and a way of life! Xxxx


  5. Paris says:

    Liv, I love this and the idea of you vlogging!! It feels as though we talk all the time. Amazing well done ❤


  6. Melissa says:

    Another fabulous read.
    Don’t get tested!!!
    Would love to hear read a hotel review as I’m looking to visit Tenerife this year.

    Keep Blogging! Xo


  7. Nichola Martin says:

    Love your posts, love the pictures. Everything in moderation is the answer to your food baby x


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