The Winter holiday has come to a close. I mentioned previously in my blog that Jordan and I thought about cancelling/selling our holiday due to being worried about missing potential opportunities regarding job interviews etc. Turns out we were both easily able to do that from the comfort of our hotel room anyway.

The hotel – sold to us as ‘Sensatori’ via Thomson… also known as Gran Melia in Tenerife, was absolutely beautiful. Jordan’s family have been here a couple of times before (about 6 years ago), but I have never been. They always spoke highly of Sensatori – so the expectations were high.

I wont go into detail with a full blown review… but I will quickly touch on my thoughts about the hotel and our entire experience.


We just wanted to go somewhere warm without having to cross the Atlantic – and the Canaries seemed the only option. With that in mind, Thomson were offering an ‘All Inclusive’ holiday at Sensatori (they didn’t used to offer an all inc offer at this hotel) so I jumped on it while I had the chance.

At a glance, the hotel is incredible. It is grand and clean with beautiful interior. It has great service, the bedrooms and bathrooms are huge and the weather was beautiful. So basically it ticked all the boxes for us.

This hotel has 6+ restaurants to choose from on an evening – all with great food and lovely staff. The restaurants include an Italian, Thai, Fish, BBQ Grill, Buffet and more! We particularly loved the Italian restaurant… we went five times in 11 nights. Although the service wasn’t always up to par with the other restaurants, we didn’t mind. We weren’t in a rush to go anywhere. Our glasses were always full and we were having a good time.


This isn’t one of those hotels where you have to wake up at 7am to go and put your towels down to get the best spot at the pool. The pool staff confiscated any un-attended towels left at the pool before 10am. So you could casually go down to the pool after 9:00am with your book/Ipad and sit on your bed in the sun before going to breakfast at 10:00am. Jordan always went down to our beds at 9:00am and watched an episode on Netflix on his Ipad before meeting me at breakfast. He likes his ‘alone time’.

I will make you aware that this wasn’t even necessary to get a sunbed – we only did it because we liked our beds at the infinity pool.


During our stay we visited Loro Parque. Originally a Parrott Park (which my parents visited about 25 years ago) but now has lots more animals including a lot of sea life, gorillas, flamingos, red pandas and much more. The day out was absolutely fantastic. We opted for the ‘backstage’ package where we had reserved seats at all the Sea-Life shows and also had an afternoon private tour to the bird hospital, the Gorillas bedrooms and underneath the penguin and dolphin tanks.

This package also included lunch. For an extra 15 Euros – this package was well worth it and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.


So this was our only day out in the entire 11 days. If you know me then, please pick your jaw up off the floor. If you don’t know me – let me explain.

Staying in the hotel all holiday can become quite repetitive to me. It doesn’t bother Jordan… and it doesn’t ‘bother’ me too much either – short term – but I enjoy going out and exploring. I grew up being dragged around different cities and different castles all over the world. Exploring has been drilled into me since birth. I didn’t appreciate it at the time. I actually claimed to my Dad at one point that I was highly allergic to castles and if I saw one more then I might die. But looking back now – I am so grateful to have seen and experienced so much.

I hate looking back at a holiday and thinking that all the days merge into one (when I think back in years to come I won’t be able to tell one day apart from the other). Sure, its soooo lovely to relax and sit in the sunshine, but I struggle with a bad long-term memory so it helps when I can differentiate each day from the next. This is why I take so many pictures...


Im not saying I like to go out and explore every day. But I really enjoy seeing the local areas and taking in the culture. I also love going on boat trips and excursions. If you want this – Tenerife is probably not the best place for you. I knew this when I booked this holiday. However; looking for sun, in Europe, in March, in a location I could ‘get cultured’ was hard – we couldn’t find anywhere that ticked all the boxes. Some holidays are for chilling and other for exploring – and this one was a total chiller.


Hotel overall: gorgeous. If you want to go somewhere luxurious for a week or two and get some sunshine then I highly recommend it.

Will I go back? Never say never – but not likely in the Summer. We have a very long list of other countries/places we’d like to visit first. Watch this space.



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