Chapter 2 #UPDATE

Hi everybody!

I thought I’d write a blog post giving you a bit of an update on ‘Chapter 2‘. Since returning to the UK at the end of Feb… It’s safe to say that Jordan and I have had a bit more than a little break from the working world. 12 weeks to be exact! That’s a quarter of a year!!
However, during our time off we have both been working freelance to keep busy.

It proved easier said than done to find jobs in the same place at the same time – but we got there in the end after playing the waiting game.

After countless job applications, more than a couple of trips down south and several interviews each, we both landed jobs in London/Greater London that we are excited about and both have start dates next week!

Yesterday was our moving day and it ran as smoothly as it possibly could. We packed the car the night before (thank god) which took over an hour and we still didn’t fit everything fit in!!


6:00am on moving day!

Move day timetable: (as it happened)
5:45am – wake up
6:15am – set off
6:16am – we were going to share the driving… but soon decided jordan cannot drive a Mini Cooper one day and a Range Rover (a full and very heavy one) the next… Liv drives the whole journey whilst jordan feeds Liv a good flow of snacks
7:00am – McDonalds drive through for breakfast
7:18am – tyre pressure light comes on. Jordan fills up all tyres.
9:30am – stop at services for a Starbucks because Liv has a numb bum.
10:00am – set off with 70 miles left to go
11:00am – arrive at the apartment. Get a drink in the Raddison whilst we wait for the check in clerk to arrive
12:00pm – Clerk arrives and we start check in
1:00pm – unload/unpack the car
1:45pm – unpack EVERYTHING
3:00pm – War starts with IKEA furniture
4:00pm – Tesco food delivery arrives
4:15pm – EAT for the first time since McDonalds breakfast
4:40pm – IKEA war continues
8:40pm – FINISHED! Accept the fact we are actually too tired to open a bottle of champagne and zone out on the sofa watching bridesmaids
10:00pm – make super noodles
10:30pm – BED.

Ironically, to say I was so exhausted last night, this morning I woke up at 6:50am with zero interest of falling back to sleep.


Time to unpack!


Nikki sent us with a homemade lasagne💗


Jordan tackling the IKEA furniture

So, where are we living? Very close to Canary Wharf – which we are both very excited about. Neither of us thought we would be able to afford to live so central. We were so lucky with our apartment. ‘Right place at the right time’ moment. The location, building and amenities in our apartment are amazing! And given the awesome location, we’re looking forward to embracing the City life 100%.


Love a bit of marble

The Jobs… I’m working for Agency TK – an advertising/web design/SEO/marketing/social media agency (there isn’t much they don’t do) as a Social Media Account Executive. They have offices in Leeds, London and LA. I’m going to start with doing 2 weeks in their Leeds office before being transferred to their London office. I am soooo looking forward to joining such an exciting company.

Jordan is working for a company called Monitor Audio as a Product Designer. They design and manufacture big speaker systems for companies… so it’s a slight change from Electrolux. Jordan had quite a few interviews and this company were his first choice, so he was absolutely over the moon when they offered him the job.


Particularly over the last 12 months, a hand full of people have said to me “it always works out for you and you always seem to land on your feet.” Let me take this opportunity to tell you that this isn’t a coincidence and it isn’t luck. Things work out because I absolutely refuse to settle. People see the new ventures and celebrations I post on social media but you’re missing the difficult parts/frustration/worry that happens behind closed doors. Nothing is perfect, and I suppose perfect is boring. But i always try my hardest to ensure that I will be happy in whatever I do.


Apartment views


It’s all in the details

Now we have totally unpacked and everything is in place, we have chance to sit back, relax, and settle in a little bit! I think we are going to be very happy here 🙂

Keep an eye out over the next few days for the Moving Vlog with a full apartment tour!

Watch this space.


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  1. Emily says:

    So proud and couldn’t be happier for both of you! Here’s to the future ❤️❤️

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